5 Effective & Proven Ways to Grow Your Google Plus Followers

Google Plus is one of those social media networks everyone knows is important. Google still prioritise it in their search engine rankings. The problem is most people don’t understand it. They aren’t sure what purpose it has and what gap in the market it enters. And to be quite honest, you won’t find the answer to this in this article.


What you will discover is five effective and proven ways to grow the number of followers on your Google Plus profile.


Fill Out Your Profile


It sounds like the most basic of strategies. And it is. This should be the bare minimum you have. The fact is the majority of profiles on Google are incomplete. It means a completed profile stands out to a prospective follower.


Whilst this will change sooner or later, for now filling out a profile is a real advantage. Overall, it takes about an hour to complete your profile. Invest the time in it and you’ll see a marked increase in the number of followers you’re pulling in.


Share with the Public


There are two ways to share on Google Plus. You can either share information to a specific circle, or you can share it with the general public. One of the biggest mistakes people make is only sharing interesting articles and information with their circles. This might hold people in those circles, but it does nothing to increase your following.


Don’t hide your gems underneath a tree. You need to make sure everyone can see what you have to offer. People will still follow you just for the regular updates. You aren’t operating a secret marketing group, so don’t share information like you are doing.


Put the Google Plus Badge Everywhere


Google wants to encourage people to spread the word about their social network. They have a special badge you can post on your website, blog, or anywhere else you might want to promote your profile.


It’s important to use this. The general public is painfully unaware of this social media network. Most of them have heard of it, but they don’t know how it works or what it can offer them. If one of their favourite brands or commentators is using the network, they’ll want to find out more about it.


Google Plus gains a new user, and you can guarantee you will be one of the first accounts they decide to follow. After that, it’s your job to make sure they keep coming back.


Circles and Categories


Make sure you share circles and add yourself to certain categories of interest. You’re essentially helping someone else by sharing the existence of these areas, but you’ll also gain followers along the way.


The community on this network has a unique attribute of ‘sharing is caring’, and you will gain rewards for that. Studies have shown that people who share circles of relevance will gain followers. It’s only a trickle of followers, but over time it will all start to add up.


Make Yourself an Expert


Anyone can be an expert in anything on Google Plus, well…because Google makes you an expert. It’s that simple. Whenever you see someone asking a question, answer it. If you don’t know the answer to the question, Google the answer and give it to the person who asked for help. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who don’t think to search for the answer with a single Google query.


In return, you might gain a follower. This part requires an investment of time, but bear in mind it still helps cultivate those vital relationships you need in order to prosper.

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