5 Ways to Cut Back on Blogging This Summer without Losing Traffic

Summer is here and the chances are you’re thinking about spending time away from the computer. Whatever you’re doing, you know you will be taking a brief hiatus from your blogging career. This is a risk because you’re risking losing traffic, but there are ways to remedy this.


In this article, we will show you some of the useful scheduling software you can use and how to organise your time in advance of your holiday.


Write Before You Go


You don’t have to be around when your blog goes live. Many bloggers will write a series of posts weeks in advance of their intended release dates. They will use a scheduling program to schedule them for automatic release at a designated time.


When the time comes for each of these posts to be released, they will appear on your blog. The catch is you weren’t anywhere near your computer when they appeared.


Bring Your Old Content Back to Life


You might have access to a computer yet no time to write. This is a common problem. Rather than writing a new blog, republish some of your old blog posts. Some bloggers will take the time to republish some of their oldest blog posts that didn’t get the publicity they deserved at the time.


In some cases, you can match themed posts together to help enhance a reader’s understanding of your primary topic of discussion. A small date change to an old post can be enough to make sure your traffic levels never drop away.


Blogger Sarah Von Bargen posted a blog called ‘What Seems Obvious to You Could Help Someone Else’ on another blog called Tiny Buddha. She got permission to repost her guest post on her own site and it helped to keep her traffic levels high. This is just another way you can find old content to repurpose.


Hire a Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant is someone who will take over many of the menial tasks you commonly have to do. Some of these tasks could include, sourcing and posting images, scheduling blog posts, and posting social media updates. The duties of the virtual assistant vary depending on what the blog owner wants to have someone else do for them.


They can be as involved or as standoffish as you like. You have to find the right virtual assistant for you.


This is extremely valuable for your blog because a lack of activity is what causes traffic to drop. The activities of your assistant will make it appear as if you never left in the first place.


Finding a virtual assistant can be tough. Use job boards like oDesk and Freelancer.com to help you find a virtual assistant. Just make sure they have good reviews from former customers. If you have a friend you trust, you could also employ them as a virtual assistant.


The spiritual website beyondourbeliefs.com regularly employs prominent writers of the blog to take over as virtual assistants during summertime.


Social Media Scheduling


Most bloggers rely on social media to notify their regular readers of new posts. Without a social media update most readers won’t think to check back to your website. You can use scheduling programs to prepare your social media updates in advance. It’s not difficult to find scheduling programs that work with all the major social media networks, including Twitter and Facebook.


This might require some additional involvement from you. Even if you can’t be at your computer all the time, you will need to dedicate some time each day to schedule your posts for the next 24 hours.


Recommended programs for social media scheduling include; Tweetdeck for Twitter, Buffer for Facebook, and Hootsuite for a cross-section of social media feeds. Get started with them for free. Most bloggers use at least one of them.




The problem with a lot of blog owners is they don’t know how to properly prepare for when things like this happen. It’s rare for an avid blogger to completely leave their website to fester for a few weeks.


Organisation is key to maintaining your traffic levels. Download a blog planner to outline your daily tasks. You can also help yourself by keeping your email inbox organised. Make sure you get any urgent messages as soon as possible. You don’t want to find important communications snowed under by a deluge of spam mail.


Most blog planners come in the form of small apps. You can also download a series of printable blog planners from sites like Mama Miss and Productive Flourishing, however.


So How Do We Do It?


The easiest way to keep your traffic levels high is through advanced preparation. Plan out what you’re going to do and make sure you know exactly how long you’re going to be away from the computer. Some bloggers will also say they’re going to be away from the computer, but new blogs will still appear. This helps because it means your readers don’t think you’ve abandoned them.


You can accomplish most of your usual posting and promotion tasks through clever blog and social media scheduling. This works if you’re limited to only a few minutes per day on the computer.


In the event you can’t access a computer, pick up a virtual assistant and brief them on the tasks you need to complete.


It’s that simple!

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