5 Excellent Ways to Make Some Extra Dollars this Fall

Fall has fallen upon us and that means the kids are back at school and the holiday season is right around the corner. Naturally, this means lots of dollars are about to magically disappear from your bank account. If you don’t feel like going through the annual holiday squeeze this year, why not take a look at earning some extra dollars?


In this article, we give you five excellent ways in which you can make some extra dollars this fall.


  1.       Etsy Crafts


The more creative amongst you may want to sell some of your creations. Whether you sew, make models, or paint, there’s someone who’ll want to buy whatever you make. Set up an Etsy shop and sell some of your items here. There are literally thousands of ways you can sell what you make.


Furthermore, if you don’t feel like making something yourself or taking commissions, you can simply sell something digital. People have made hundreds of dollars from selling guides with colourful illustrations.


  1.       The Yard Sale


The obvious way of making money is to have a yard sale. We’d rather take this one step further. If you have the time and the patience, attend some local yard sales. Fall is the best time of year for it because everyone is preparing to clear their homes for the upcoming holiday season.


Pick an area you know lots about and try to find something going cheap at yard sales. Once you find something, sell it on eBay or Craig’s List for a profit. Take along a smartphone for checking prices on the go. Make sure you have the potential to make 50% profit to make it worth your while.


Here are a few extra tips:


  •          Sell electronics on eBay.
  •          Bigger items sell better on Craig’s List.
  •          Name brand items should be sold through consignment stores.


  1.       Start Your Own Kids’ After-School Program


With school starting up again, you’re presented with the challenge of finding something for your kids to do. If you have some extra time, setup a club in your local neighbourhood. Of course, you can expect to charge a small fee for it. You can impart your own unique brand of knowledge onto the local neighbourhood kids and get paid for it.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simply teaching kids to draw or tutoring someone in a difficult subject can put some extra dollars on the table.


  1.       Going into Business Online


Starting an online business is one of the fastest ways to earn money. You have no overhead, apart from the cost of hosting a website. The chances are if you’re good at designing, writing, editing, or coding you can find somewhere to work online. Places like Odesk and Elance are perfect for people with skills like this.


You have full control over your time and you can work as much or as little as you want. It’s never been easier to go into business for yourself online.


  1.       Become a Brand Ambassador


The big brands are already starting up their holiday marketing campaigns. This is where they want to start using brand ambassadors to spread the word about what they’re selling this year. With bigger budgets on offer around this time, they’re always hiring.


What’s a brand ambassador, though?


Basically, it’s the sort of person who gets on the floor and gives out samples, all whilst answering questions from the general public. All companies demand from you is your smiling face.


You do have to dedicate a little more time to operating as a brand ambassador, but it can pay well if you’re successful. It’s also something else you can add to a future job resume.



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