September Income Report

I will say that I think September has been one of my worse months this year. I made many bad investments with providers to try to bring more visibility to my blog, but I found out before I was in too deep luckily. I have now cut off subscriptions that I do not use and service providers who started getting sloppy with their work or were trying to manipulate me. Therefore, I expect my expenses to take a tremendous drop in October.

It is all good though because in the blogging/business world you have to experiment to learn from your mistakes. However, for October I do not plan to do any experimenting. Instead, I expect to grow my writing business more, focus on the Holiday Gift Guide for Giveaways 4 Mom and try out some new affiliate marketing strategies. Lastly, I will be following up on unpaid invoices and blogging payments that I have been waiting on for months now. Yes, October is going to be a very busy month. Now, I will get to my income report for the month.

Private Clients – 2615

Fiverr – 1234

Escalate Media – 122

Copify – 19

Giveaways 4 Mom – 470

Moms Affiliate – 210

BlogHer – 50

Squidoo – 1

Business Expenses (-2187)

Well there you have it. Feel free to share how September went for you in the comments along with what you plan to accomplish in October.


2 thoughts on “September Income Report

  1. I’m sorry girl you had a bad month. I had some investments before that was bad too and I lost money, but hey, it’s a learning experience and it happens to everyone that is in business.

    I know your earnings will pick back up and focus a lot more on affiliates than sponsored posts since it is only a one time payment deal.

    September was my best month in earnings and I can’t believe it is since I’m going into my slow months. I’ll be working on a Christmas Guide as well and hoping it earns me a lot of money *fingers crossed*.

    Also thank you so much for your writing services, it has really helped my blog grow!

    1. Lou,

      These investments were the worst. But, definitely a learning experience. During the holiday season I am going to be doing more affiliate stuff because my Amazon conversion rate has been improving over the past couple of months.

      I am so glad that you are doing a Holiday Gift Guide too they are so much fun. I am also happy to hear that your blog is growing too. I have to stop over and check out your income report.

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