How to Write a Resume for an Advertising Job

Your resume is your first impression to a company. In the advertising field, you should understand how important marketing is. Some advertising professionals do not know how to market themselves properly to advertising firms to get the job of their dreams. Learning how to present yourself in the right way is vital.

Use Industry Specific Buzz Words

The advertising industry has specific keywords that are generalized for the entire industry. It is beneficial to your chances of being hired by a top firm to include these keywords in your cover letter and resume. The keywords will stand out and shows the potential employer that you take pride in the work you do and understand how to incorporate keywords to make marketing content stand out.

Highlight Accomplishments

The resume should absolutely highlight your career achievements. This means that you should include promotions, sales achievements and successful marketing campaigns you were in charge of. The information in this section of the resume indicates that you have a following and a proven track record.

This is important because advertising agencies need professionals that can produce numbers, increase revenues and add to the brand’s success. In order for an advertising company or advertising professional to control a niche, they have to be great at what they do.

Highlight Specific Sectors

Some companies use recruiters to find employees. Recruiters look for sector specific experience when looking for the right advertising professional for the firm. In the skills section of the resume, include the specific sectors of the advertising industry that you have worked in. This can be a bullet list with a few words after each entry or a paragraph.

Keep the information concise as the wording you use will entice the recruiter or company to contact you for more information.

Research the Company Applying to

Targeting the resume for a specific company is a good idea. For this reason you should complete research on the company and the hiring professional. Look to see what they want in an employee and just how successful their business is.

What you can do from here is adjust your general resume to be more specific. This means that you would include specific entries that are directed toward the company in an obvious manner without being absolutely direct.

Use the Right Format

Formatting is important. Of course you want to be thorough but you also have to be concise Resumes should not be more than a page and a half. The potential employer will enquire with you directly for elaboration on your work experience and success.

Use an online advertising resume template if necessary. This ensures that the right information is in the right place and that you are maintaining a concise and cohesive tone.

Always Proofread

Do not just write a resume and send it off to a potential employer. Always take the time to carefully proofread your entries out loud. Also use a free grammar and spelling checker to make sure your sentence structures and language are correct. Use an authoritative tone and do your best to refrain from passive statements. The idea of a resume is to make an impact right out of the gate.

These pieces of advice are helpful when writing an advertising resume. This is your opportunity to show off and gloat a little, but in a professional manner. This is your advertisement, your chance to leave a footprint in the mind of the hiring authority. Be careful with what information you include and who you use as a reference. You only want to use references that are going to back-up your success and make you shine.

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