Top 10 Greatest Entrepreneurs in the US (2014)

Whenever we think of great entrepreneurs, we think of the likes of Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Steve Jobs. Rather than going through the same old people you’ve read about in every other article on the subject, we’re going to focus on the here and now. This is 2014 and we’re seeing a fresh crop of entrepreneurs crawling out of the mist. Read on to find the top 10 greatest entrepreneurs of 2014!

  1.       Madison Robinson


What makes Madison so special is she’s only 15. She invented Fish Flops, which is a type of light-up flip flop. According to her, she first had the idea when she was eight. Seven years on and she’s sold over 60,000 pairs, which equals about $1.2 million in sales.

  1.       Lucas Duplan


Lucas Duplan is the founder and CEO of Clinkle. After dropping out of Stanford, he invented Clinkle as a way of replacing your wallet with a phone. It’s already raised $25 million in seed funding since 2013, including from figures like Richard Branson and Peter Thiel. It’s designed to offer better phone-to-phone transactions through the medium of high-frequency sound.

  1.       Khoa Phan


Khoa Phan is a freelance Vine editor who started a Vine account a day after Twitter bought the platform. He’s launched a series of seven-second videos and it’s quickly become one of the most popular channels on the platform. It’s meant the likes of Mashable have named him with as one of the top channels to follow due to his infectious personality and marketable name.

  1.       Stacey Ferreira


As the co-founder of MySocialCloud, Stacey Ferreira makes it easy to store all your usernames and passwords in one place. They have raised over $1 million in venture capital simply by providing a secure location for people to store usernames and passwords that they commonly have trouble remembering.

  1.       Eden Full


SunSaluter is a type of solar panel that rotates according to the movement of the sun. She invented this solar panel when she was first in high school. By using a special tracking mechanism to monitor thermal expansion, she has made a solar panel that’s relatively low maintenance and can be installed at an extremely low cost. So far, she has installed her solar panels as far afield as Kenya.

  1.       Nick D’aloisio


Nick D’aloisio invented Summly. Summly is a type of text analyser for the iOS. It summarises large reams of text to make long pages pieces of writing easier to take in. It was so successful that Yahoo bought the rights from him for $30 million.

  1.       Caroline Walerud


Caroline Walerud is the co-founder of Volumental. This is an innovation that claims to be the world’s first cloud-based 3D scanner. Users only need a depth camera and a browser to start creating models of practically anything in the world.

  1.       Brian Wong


Kiip was invented by Brian Wong as a way for companies to link their real-life promotional efforts with virtual achievements. For example, if you completed a game on a company’s website, they could issue you with a coupon in real life. It’s already reached 70 million users through 1,500 different mediums, according to statistics from Forbes.

  1.       Evan Spiegel


Evan Spiegel is the founder and CEO of Snapchat. It was such a successful networking app that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook offered Spiegel $1 billion for it, and he even had the guts to turn it down. It has caused Facebook’s daily usage amongst teens to drop by 16%.

10.   Palmer Luckey


Palmer Luckey founded Oculus VR at the age of 21. The company has a type of virtual reality headset in production, designed to revolutionise the world of gaming. It’s currently raised $91 million to push this venture forward.

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