Top 5 Alternatives to Google AdWords

AdWords is a pretty good program for boosting your online presence. It would be wrong to say that it’s Google the only option available to you, though. There are alternatives aiming to cut into Google’s market presence, and many of them are starting to show clear advantages over AdWords. A lot of people are considering moving away from AdWords because it takes too much time and effort to setup and start reaping viable returns on.

All this has meant people have started to look elsewhere for their PPC campaigns. With that in mind, we’re going to use this article to take a look at the top five alternatives to Google AdWords. Read on to find out more about the ones we’ve specifically highlighted as challengers to Google’s crown.

  1.            ExactSeek Traffic Program


Image- Exact Seek

ExactSeek has released a Traffic Program that works as part of a quarterly subscription service. Businesses can use targeted traffic in units of 3,000 visitors to help mould their online promotional campaigns. It costs about a penny per visitor, as of this writing. There are huge savings when compared to AdWords, as well as a lot of the alternatives on this list, which is a big benefit to begin with.

Sadly, the only guaranteed traffic comes from major markets like Canada, the UK, and the US. If you want targeted traffic for niche markets in Japan and France, this probably isn’t for you.

  1.            Facebook Paid Ads

Image- Facebook Ads

Facebook is another way of targeting customers because it takes advantage of social media, which Google doesn’t. It’s a good starting point for a PPC campaign because it allows you to target specific segments of a social network with over a billion users. All you have to do is build your Facebook page and start testing versions of each ad to get the best return on your investment.

It’s simple to get started and there are lots of instructions provided. You will need a Google Chrome browser to use the Power Editor, though.

  1.            Clicksor

Image Credit – Clicksor


If you want to reach a specific market, Clicksor is the option for you. It handles millions of users every month. There are flat rates on advertising, starting at about five cents. It’s reasonably expensive, but it’s high conversion levels due to a mix of contextual, time, and geo targeting technologies. It’s also able to understand websites rich in content to match keywords. This makes it one of the most accurate PPC options available today.

  1.            BuySellAds

Image Credit – BuySellAds


Fans of traditional banner advertising will love BuySellAds. It’s known as one of the largest networks in the world, with about six billion impressions per month. With lots of transparent reports, you will get the most accurate information back about where your money is being spent and what you’re getting back for it. This is a subscription-based service that offers real-time tracking.

  1.            Yahoo! Bing Network

Image Credit – Bing Ads


When Yahoo combined with Bing, lots of people wondered where this would leave the two networks when it came to challenging the likes of Google AdWords. They came up with the Yahoo! Bing Network. This is featured as part of the featured listings on Yahoo!, and Bing has partnerships with the likes of Amazon and Facebook. Prices are lower per click than AdWords, but this is countered by a lower amount of traffic.

In general, the lower traffic numbers are considered a benefit because the quality is much higher. There are free trials available if you want to give it a spin without losing a penny. The main benefit of using the Yahoo! Bing Network is that you can now target an audience who doesn’t necessarily use Google.

Closing Thoughts

If you are an entrepreneur who does not want to use Google Adwords or you simply just want to have other options available to you the programs I have discussed today should provide you with a good starting point. They all have their differences yet at the same time they allow you to have an alternative to using Google Adwords.

Main Image – Coryfiala


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