Top 5 Resume Writing Tips for Freelancers

Even as a freelancer, a resume is important. A portfolio and samples of your work are not enough. A resume highlights your accomplishments along with your skills. The resume should also outline your short term and long term goals as far as business growth and status are concerned. This is your opportunity to shine and show off your skills to potential new clients.

Keep a Running Draft                    

Many freelancers make up a new resume for each submission. This is a lot of time wasted. Instead of this practice, keep a running draft resume that can be specified for specific clients. Consider this as a template to work from. It helps you to decide which clients are the best to use for the job you are applying for.

Use references that are strong and clients that you had a good working relationship with. Keeping the running draft also helps you keep track of projects and clients as well.

Create a Skills Based Resume

A skills based resume is sometimes a better option than a job history format. This is the opportunity that some freelancers need to display their special skills. Freelancers work to perfect specific skills sets, and some are quite diverse so that they can attract more clients.

A skills based resume allows for grouping of skills rather than a chronological order of jobs. This format works better for freelancers in many cases. Templates are available for skills based resumes if you are unfamiliar with this format.

Follow the Basic Resume Writing Rules

Even if you are compiling a skills based resume, following standard and basic resume writing rules is ideal.

Basic rules include:

  • Plain white paper
  • No graphics
  • Use action verbs
  • Use numbers properly
  • Avoid repetition

Resumes should be short and to the point. The length should not exceed one and a half pages. Potential clients and employers dislike reading long, drawn out pages of information. Keep the information short and to the point. Within this short text you should use strong action verbs and an authoritative tone. The more conviction you display in your skills, the more attention it is going to get from potential clients. The above resume writing rules are important to follow if you wish to land more attractive clientele.

Freelancer Resumes can be Powerful

Many freelancers think that their resumes are going to be weak because there are a variety of clients to enter and they may not have much time in the industry. This does not mean that the content isn’t powerful. The skills that you have perfected prove your abilities.

Many in society see freelancers as lazy, unemployed persons. The fact of the matter is freelancers typically work three times as hard as traditional employees do. A freelancer’s accomplishments are a direct reflection of how passionate they are about their work.

Pick Entries Wisely

It is important as a freelancer to know which are the right clients and skills to include on a resume. You do not have to use the same resume for each submission. Customize the resume so that it pertains specifically to the role you are applying for. For instance, if you are a freelance writer in the medical field, highlight works that are published under your name and high-profile projects. This displays your skills set and lets clients know that you are in-demand in this niche.

Freelancers may have a harder decision to make when it comes to writing a resume. This is mostly because of their vast variety of clients that each has specific needs. What the freelancer tends to forget is this adds diversity to their skills sets and makes them more desirable overall.
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