How to Get Pins to go Viral on Pinterest

Having something go viral on the web is one of the most rewarding experiences possible for a blogger or marketing professional. There are numerous ways to go about this, though it all boils down to unique content, promotion, and luck. Here are some thoughts as to how to get a Pin to go viral.

Make It Easy to Understand

People only share what they feel is useful to other people. Utilize language that most people can understand, trying to maintain an 8.0 or lower grade level of the Flesch-Kincaid scale. That means anyone that have been in middle school can understand what you wrote.

Additionally, pictures speak much more than mere words. Include photographs or drawings that illustrate your point. Items that are accompanied by pictures stand a much better chance of being shared than those that are just text.

Before releasing something, have a group of beta readers go over the text and suggest alterations. Much like how it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a committee to settle on the wording for any proposed marketing endeavor.

Promotion is Key

Going viral is rarely a thing that happens naturally. People have to be goaded into sharing, through numerous advertisements that make them want to share it. In short, your post is rarely the only thing you will create in an attempt to reach a viral status, and will certainly cost a pretty penny. Since this is a marketing maneuver, the item or service being sold ought to make up for the investment.

There are numerous ways to promote something you wish to go viral. Social media sites, email blitzes, and web ads are all popular methods of reaching out to prospective sharers. One of the most common ways on Pinterest is to team up with someone that is already successful, and utilize their appeal to bring more people to your own posts.

It is vital that these advertisements do not appear to be explicitly advocating for people to share the Pinterest post. Few people like being told to do something, especially if they are not being paid to do so. Instead, focus on how the post may be useful to them and their loved ones.

Luck – Something You Can’t Control but is Vital

Advertising in all of its forms is a mixture of an art and science. People are fickle creatures that can generally be understood and manipulated to acting a certain way, though there are always exceptions to the rules that crop up. For instance, competition is constantly trying to do the same thing. They may come out with an advertisement first, or something more effective.

A natural disaster may come and distract everyone for the duration of the marketing campaign. The point being is that there will always be elements out of your control when designing this media campaign. Be prepared for disappointment, and be willing to shelf a project until better times emerge. Who knows – in a week your product may be the toast of the town. Just after they figure out how that piece of toast caused a five car wreck on the highway…

Making something go viral is one of the most difficult things to do, even for the most seasoned of social media specialists. Work in a team and utilize their suggestions to create the most effective post possible, and then promote it widely. If you are lucky, things will play out in your favor and the item will go viral. Just remember, countless people are trying to do the same everyday.

Image – Examiner


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