November 2014 Income Report

This month my income came back to life and I finally cut down my business expenses drastically. I am proud of myself and I hope in December I can cut down my expenses even more so I can close out the year with a bang. Well, I am going to get right to my income report so you can see just why I am so proud of myself this month.

Private Clients – 2592

Escalate Media – 141

Giveaways 4 Mom – 765

Moms Affiliate – 346

Blog Her- 275

Kitsy Lane – 11

Sass n Frass – 232

Fiverr – 1292

Tap Influence – 100

She Speaks – 100

Young Living – 50

Business Expenses (-895)

Overall, I feel as though the month went good and my Sass n Frass business is definitely picking up. With the holidays in December, I hope to increase my Giveaways 4 Mom income and my Sass n Frass income. In addition, Fiverr has been giving me a decent amount of extra money lately too.

How did you do in the month of November and what are your goals for December? Feel free to tell me in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “November 2014 Income Report

  1. Great job Victoria! I’m very impress with your totals with Fiverr! Too bad I don’t have enough time for it. I need to start getting into Mom Affiliates since I earn referral income from it I know I could be earning more.

    Cheers to you for a great month in December!

    1. Hi Lou,

      Thanks. Fiverr has mostly been easy gigs for me so they don’t take too much time. I usually do them late at night before bed or early in the morning.I am actually surprised at how much Fiverr has been bringing in lately. Once I go in and revamp my gigs I hope to bring in more. I love Moms Affiliate. However, I usually make the bulk of my money from the posts and not the affiliate side.

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