Top Five Colleges in the US for Creative Writers

Writing requires much more than innate talent. With a language as complex as English, there are thousands of nuanced rules and practices that must be followed for quality text to be prepared. This training can occur in a variety of settings and contexts, though the most effective environments to learn how to write well is in a university classroom.

Few of the following are known traditionally as liberal art schools, in fact all but one on the list is well known for the sciences and business. For creative writing, this is an asset since the focus is not so much on the word but on everything that surrounds it. The concepts of why something is written, and how to bring to the audience, is often neglected in favor of semantic choice. Here are five colleges that warrant special attention:

John Hopkins University

This university is well known for turning out some of the most skilled physicians in the Western world. With the strong emphasis on diligent, unique, research conducted here, it is no small wonder that there is a strong emphasis on the ability to utilize the English word to its fullest potential.

This university has a special major titled, “The Writing Seminars” that are perfect for anyone wishing to hone their craft.

New York University

Situated in the heart of Greenwich Village, this campus is surrounded by all of the trappings of the modern publishing industry. With some of the best bookstores in the nation located within walking distance, there is no shortage of sources for quality material.

This university understands that the environment is key to the writing, and has created writing programs in Florence, Paris, and New York City.

Yale University

The epitome of business schools, and the training grounds of more than a few presidents, this university understands the importance of the written word when reaching out to an audience. In support of this, Yale proudly hosts both the oldest literary quarterly, The Yale Review, and the oldest daily student newspaper, The Yale Daily News.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A scientific journey always requires someone to tell the tale. While MIT is famous for its research into nearly every facet of the modern world, less is known about the prodigious effort on its part to prepare its students for communicating in that world.

Courses are offered in nearly every genre of writing, from novels to television show scripts. This is designed to merge the forward thinking of technological development with the need to communicate the potential for future changes to the public. For anyone interested in this unique blend of the future and the present, this is the university to attend.

Indiana University

Indiana University is less known compared to the rest on this list, though its contributions to the fields of business, health, and literature cannot go unmentioned. Situated on its numerous campuses lie numerous schools that are nationally known within their respective fields. The Kelley School of Business is considered amongst the best business schools, with the Indiana University School of Medicine – Indianapolis being among the best for pediatricians due to its proximity to some of the best learning hospitals in the world.

Research and high quality can only come with a special emphasis on understanding the written word. Every campus places a special value on creating high quality literature, with a flourishing and often competing series of student publications. For those looking to learn to master the English language, this is the university to attend. Situated in the heart of the America, everything is within reach.


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