2014 Income Report Recap

Well, we are now in a new year. Therefore, it is time to see how I did compared to 2013. My goal was to make $10,000 per month this year, as in 2013, but I did not reach it this year either. I have reevaluated my goals again, so I am looking forward to what 2015 holds in store for me. I will be continuing my online income journey and this year I will be starting my debt free journey to pay off student loans. Wish me luck!

January 14 (Income – 7886) (Business Expenses – 3288)

February 14 (Income – 4561) (Business Expenses -2430)

March 14 (Income – 5907) (Business Expenses – 2530)

April (Income – 3642) (Business Expenses – 1331)

May (Income – 3744) (Business Expenses- 1952)

June (Income -5282) (Business Expenses – 1000)

July (Income – 5037) (Business Expenses – 1524)

August (Income – 5719) (Business Expenses – 1494)

September (Income-4721) (Business Expenses-2187)

October (Income -6190) (Business Expenses -2027)

November (Income – 5904) (Business Expenses – 895)

December (Income-4310) (Business Expenses-1474)

Overall, I am happy with my income and I hope to start 2015 off to a great start. How did you do in 2014?


3 thoughts on “2014 Income Report Recap

  1. You might not have reached your $10k/month goal as planned, but you’re so right to feel happy about what you achieved. You’ve done admirably well, sis.

    I wish you all the best this year.

    take care…

  2. Great job Victoria! You did really well in 2014. I’m working on paying off all my debts this year before my job does the big move because I more than likely will not be going with them and I want to work fully for myself. Cheers to a great 2015!

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