January 2015 Income Report

The first of the year is not starting as strong as I like but in the middle of January, things did start picking back up, work wise, to more my speed. In fact, at one point things were so busy I was afraid that I was going to be late delivering some orders. However, it is a good thing that I kept pushing forward because January was a very trying month for me on a personal level. Unexpected expenses kept popping up left and right. The month ended with my puppy being hit by a car too. He is still alive but if you own an animal, you know how expensive the vet bills can be. Anyways, I am feeling confident about February and here is my income for January.

NOTE: This is off by a little, as two of the direct sales companies that I work with do not allow me to disclose my income.

Private Clients – 2274

Giveaways 4 Mom – 843

Escalate Media – 68

Amazon – 4

Blogher – 150

She Speaks – 100

Moms Affiliate – 100

Fiverr– 1006

Abundant Faith – 21

Sass n Frass – 23

Izea – 229

ODesk – 68

Cooperatize – 75

Business Expenses – (-1040)

How did the month of January treat you? Feel free to share in the comments section below. I wish everyone the best of luck in February.


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