Reasons to Prevent Bugs From Ruining Your Online Business



Having an idea for an online business is a wonderful thing. However, you then need to make sure that your site always continues to run well. This can be much easier said than done. Nowadays, modern computer software and hardware is very complicated. It can often break down without warning, even if the equipment is new. There are many viruses that can also wreak havoc on a website if the proper precautions are not taken. Occasionally, a problem might occur because of a simple error in the coding written by the person who designed the site. Whatever the reason, you must do whatever you can to avoid these bugs and glitches from occurring in the first place. Here are some of the main reasons why it is important to prevent bugs from ruining your online business.

1. The functionality of your site can be affected

When people visit your site, you want them to have a pleasant experience. This means that the website should work perfectly for them. The pages should transition flawlessly. When a person clicks on something, the correct action should be performed. If these things are not happening as they should, it will eventually result in many of your customers becoming frustrated with your website. People only have so much patience. They will eventually start to think that they would have an easier time if they visited the websites of your competitors. This is the thing that you want to avoid at all costs.

2. The reputation of your business will be damaged

Reputation is something that is so important in business. It takes a long time to build up a solid reputation, but only a day or two of glitches and bugs to ruin it forever. If your site has repeated problems that prevent people from using it correctly, this will be discussed on many online forums. You will not be able to keep your technical issues a secret forever. If these bugs persist on your website, you will eventually become known as a troubled site. This will cripple your business, as people will be reluctant to shop there. Even if you completely fix the problems, how can the public completely trust you again?

3. Your security could be compromised

You might experience certain software glitches which leave your site vulnerable to cyber attacks. This can put the confidential information of your customers at risk. If this information falls into the hands of hackers, you could lose many of your longtime customers. Online shopping cart software from is known for being very safe and secure.

4. How do you prevent bugs and glitches?

Not all bugs and glitches are preventable, but you should always be proactive if you own a website. This means you need to test all of the various functions of your site every day. This will ensure that everything is running as it was designed. If you discover a problem, it can be fixed quickly, before your customers notice it and start complaining.

July 2015 Income Report

July was a good month because I was able to work less hours but income wise the payments still aren’t coming in consistently enough on the month the work is completed for me to get back up to my normal income range. In August, I will be seeing what I can do about that yet overall I am pleased because since I got rid of the cheap clients my work/life balance is ten times better. Anyways, below is my income report for the month. It is a little off because I still write everything down and my original paper I started at the beginning of the month got wet and I had to try to record on a new sheet as much as I could make out what it was.

Private Clients – 2666

Giveaways 4 Mom – 240

Fiverr – 96

Izea – 255

User Testing – 10

Copify – 21

Escalate Media – 25

Share a Sale – 50

Business Expenses (-1698)

How did the month of July treat you? What will you be working on during the month of August?

9 Job Interview Mistakes You’re Making

When it comes to getting a job, the field is extremely competitive and the best way to get be considered for a position is to sell yourself during the interview. Interviews are not fun and they are often extremely stressful. Even if you are mentally prepared for meeting with the personnel from the human resource department, a few mistakes people make can cost them a job.

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1. Failure to Practice

While you may not know every question that is going to be asked, you should have a good idea of the typical questions. Some of these questions include why they should hire you, what do you see as your role, and how do you plan to help the company. When you are practicing your answers, you will want to say them aloud and preferably to a friend. Your friend can let you know if the answer makes sense and means what you desire.

2. Being Unprepared

The worst thing to do is not be prepared for the interview with questions to ask. You will be given the opportunity to ask the interviewer any questions, and you are being reviewed during this process. One question that you want to make sure you ask is what the process is for advancement. This question will not only let you know that you can grow in the company, but also lets the company know you desire to work long-term with them.

3. Not Selling Yourself

The interview is your time to shine, but many people really struggle with talking about themselves. If you struggle with talking about your accomplishments, make sure you go to the interview with the information on a sheet of paper. Use this as a reference point when you are answering questions to prevent you from stammering or looking unprepared.

4. Failure to Remain Upbeat

When you are in the interview room, make sure you always remain upbeat and smile. When you are asked a question about why you left your previous place of employment, make sure you keep the answer positive. These are questions that you will want to make sure you prepare for so you can watch your body language and your words.

5. Failure to Research the Company

You want to be able to stroke the ego of the company you are applying at, without going overboard. When you walk into an interview, you want to make sure you know that company’s mission statement, projects they are working on, and things they support.

6. Losing Professionalism

While you want to feel comfortable in the interview, you do not want to lose your professionalism. Make sure you dress for success and keep the answers related to the job. You are not talking to your best friend, so make sure your phone is turned off and show up early.

7. Trying Too Hard

Even with everything mentioned above, it is important to also remember to be yourself. You do not want to come across as you are trying too hard. Practice your answers, but do not walk in there and recite your reference sheet. Look the interviewer in the eye to show confidence, but let your reference sheet help you stay on topic.

8. Not Knowing Your Value

Your time and knowledge is worth valuable money. One of the most detrimental things you can do in an interview is not knowing that value. Companies will bring compensation plans to the table, but you need to be prepared to negotiate if you feel it is not worth the value. If you do not know your value, you may end up working for less than you should be and likely experience burnout.

9. Failure to Follow Up

The biggest and worst mistake people make following an interview is the failure to follow up. Make sure you send a hand-written thank you to the interviewer and company. They took time out of their schedule to meet with you and let you sell yourself. If you do not get the job, make sure you get feedback as to why so you can use it for future job interviews.

Keep these nine things in mind the next time you are going on a job interview. Making one or more of these mistakes could cost you your dream job.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using WordPress for Your Content


WordPress is the single most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world today. Over half of all websites use this as their CMS of choice. If you haven’t yet made the switch, it’s something you should be actively considering.

Here are five reasons why you should be using WordPress for your content.

  1. WordPress is Perfect for SEO


Doing your best for Google is always something you need to think about. Adhere to their SEO standards by using WordPress.

WordPress is SEO friendly and it allows you to use SEO with some of the top free plugins. It’s easier than ever before to boost your site up the rankings through optimisation with WordPress. Since SEO is built-in, you don’t need to hire an SEO expert, either.

  1. Thousands of Plugins at Your Disposal


Make your site unique in both the front end and the back end. There are thousands of free and paid plugins available for download immediately.
At the click of a button you can gain access to lots of nifty tools in seconds. There are plugins to help with everything from layout to SEO to social media.

  1. A Platform You Can Trust


WordPress is a platform you can always trust. Marketing Land demonstrates that 78.8% of site owners surveyed use WordPress, and the ability to trust it is one of the primary reasons why.

It’s acquired its dominating position by developing strong relationships with its customer base. Furthermore, whenever there are any security scares the platform is normally updated in mere days. This makes it one of the best defences against hackers you can have.

  1. A Free Platform with Support


The best part about WordPress is it costs you nothing to use and download. There are no premium features you’re compelled to pay for. Everything you see is what you get. It’s opensource software, so the community can freely edit it.

It still comes with a strong customer support system, though. WordPress has an enormous database of help articles novices and experts alike can use to craft their website in the way they see fit.

WordPress also comes with direct customer service, so you can send an email to the company and receive a reply within 24 hours. Many of the plugins and themes come with individualised customer support teams too. After all, this is how the makers encourage people to leave donations.

  1. Make Your Site Unique with Awesome Themes


What makes WordPress stand apart from everything else is the fact no competitor can beat it when it comes to customisation. Forget hiring web designers and developers again. You can gain access to thousands of themes with a quick Google search.
Some of them are premium themes, so the makers charge a price for them, but you can easily search for a variety of free themes.

The benefit of having so many themes to choose from is you won’t find all your competitors using exactly the same themes. Most of these themes have various levels of customisation, so even if you and someone else has the same theme you can have two entirely different websites.

If you want, you can even hire graphic designers to change the code further. There are no restrictions.

WordPress is Number One


WordPress dominates on every front. The fact this opensource software is free enables it to reign supreme within the industry. We love WordPress because it offers so much to users, whilst asking nothing in return.

What you get with WordPress is a secure CMS, for free, with all the customisation options you could ever need.

This is truly the undisputed option for your content.


June 2015 Income Report

June has been a very interesting month. Surprisingly, I have spent a large chunk of it chasing down payments from clients. You would think after years of working online full time I would be past that stage, but apparently not. We all live and learn though and July I will have to put in a lot of overtime but I should be back where I want to be in August. Anyways, here is how I did during the month of June.

Private Clients – 2489

Giveaways 4 Mom – 270

ODesk– 16

Fiverr– 75

Izea – 190

Escalate Media – 47

Moms Affiliate – 115

Copify– 14

Business Expenses (-1850)

As you can see, being a freelancer your income can vary drastically from month to month when you make changes to your business model. This is why it is very important to make sure that you have an emergency fund when you make the decision to work online full time. I am excited to see what happens during the month of July though, hopefully, it will include clients paying their past due invoices yet at this point, I see some of them being a tax write off.  

How did the month of June treat you?