How to Focus as a Freelancer in Your Twenties


If you are a young entrepreneur, nothing feels better than creating your own schedule and paycheck. However, it’s tricky to continue the path of success as a young freelancer in your twenties with so many social and business opportunities abound. Click here to read the full article. 


How My Debt Journey is Coming

Recently, I told you that I would be working on becoming debt free this year. Well, based on the events of January I will say that everything I put towards debt is now back at square one. I am hoping in February I do not have any unexpected surprises and I can keep all of my income sources increasing to continue with my goal.

Based on January’s report three of my income sources that are consistent each month dropped while five of them increased. Now that I am aware of the drops, I need to push those three sources back up and continue on an upward path with the others. Obviously, there will be random income sources that come occasionally and they are always welcome.

Well, that is quick update. I will be back with a new update the beginning of March, unless something drastic comes along, such as me hitting the lottery or something.

January 2015 Income Report

The first of the year is not starting as strong as I like but in the middle of January, things did start picking back up, work wise, to more my speed. In fact, at one point things were so busy I was afraid that I was going to be late delivering some orders. However, it is a good thing that I kept pushing forward because January was a very trying month for me on a personal level. Unexpected expenses kept popping up left and right. The month ended with my puppy being hit by a car too. He is still alive but if you own an animal, you know how expensive the vet bills can be. Anyways, I am feeling confident about February and here is my income for January.

NOTE: This is off by a little, as two of the direct sales companies that I work with do not allow me to disclose my income.

Private Clients – 2274

Giveaways 4 Mom – 843

Escalate Media – 68

Amazon – 4

Blogher – 150

She Speaks – 100

Moms Affiliate – 100

Fiverr– 1006

Abundant Faith – 21

Sass n Frass – 23

Izea – 229

ODesk – 68

Cooperatize – 75

Business Expenses – (-1040)

How did the month of January treat you? Feel free to share in the comments section below. I wish everyone the best of luck in February.

Top 5 Forums for Those Looking to Get Started Making Money Online


Working online grants, many people the freedom to do what they love from the comfort of their own homes. For those with small children or those taking care of the elderly, the ability to make money inside of the home can make the difference between independence and falling out of the labor market entirely. There are numerous ways to get started, though the most effective places to put a digital toe in the proverbial water is through numerous forums available online. Today, I will be providing you with five of my favorite forums to visit when I am looking for new freelance clients quickly.

Access the full article here.

Are you a freelancer that frequents forums regularly? What are your favorite spots to hang out when you are trying to interact with other freelancers or sure some quick work?