January 2014 Income Report

I cannot believe the month of January is over already. My birthday was on the seventh and I already prepared for the boys Valentine Day so my expenses were higher this month than normal. My income was not what I expected but I had to spend a lot as well this month to maintain for the days that I was unable to work. Well now February is here and I decided to join Carol Tice’s Writing Den so I am looking forward to hopefully reaching my goal for February. Below, you can see how the 1st month of the year of 2014 has treated me.

Private Clients – $7301

Fiverr- $428

Triond – $2

Giveaways 4 Mom – $155

Business Expenses – $3288

Bottom Line

My income was okay but I am hoping it is better in February. I am trying new marketing tactics and such to achieve this goal. February is also when I file my taxes. I am not sure what surprises that is going to hold for me this year so February is my month that I am dedicating to putting my all into writing to generate as much income as possible.


2 thoughts on “January 2014 Income Report

  1. Blah! Taxes! Don’t remind me! I have to do mines this month as well, but the good thing is I had a lot more taxes taken out of my full time job checks so I shouldn’t have to owe too much.

    Great job once again with your earnings! Cheers to another great month in Feb.! PS. I didn’t forget that I’ll have a guest post for you soon.

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