Ways to Make Extra Cash Online


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You hear the grumblings every day; wages are not enough to cover living expenses. People have to look for more than one job to make sure all their bills are paid. With the increased popularity of the Internet, multiple ways are available to make extra cash online and here are just a few methods.

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US Family Guide – Job Opportunity


JOB OPPORTUNITY – US Family Guide is looking for part-time regional sales representatives in all markets for this summer and beyond. Complete flexibility to focus on your family while making great income. This could easily lead into a full-time management position while still offering the flexibility of a WAHM position. Here is the link to the FAQ regarding this opportunity. http://www.usfamilyguide.com/_emailattachments/USFamilyGuide-FAQ-1.docx
Please review the FAQ sheet and email Michael Marston michael@usfamilyguide.com with any questions and to get started.

Two Pay-Per-View Writing Sites You Need to Check Out

When you are a writer, there are numerous ways that you can make money. However, sometimes all of your traditional writing leads may dry up and you find yourself with a lot of time and no income coming in. When this used to happen for me I would do some work for some pay-per-view sites to make sure some money was still being generated while I marketed myself for more work. Today, I am going to introduce you to two new sites – Writedge.com and DailyTwoCents.com. Danielle McGaw (one of my inspirations when I first started working online) and Michelle Harlow run both of these sites. Therefore, they are trusted sites.


Features of Writedge & Daily Two Cents

  •          $5 threshold with payments made once a month – This is a big turn on because most similar sites require you to make much more before you can cash out.
  •          Sites only contain quality content – You have a chance to earn more here because they have  quality content guidelines in place
  •          Great Community – They have Facebook Groups for writers to interact in and receive support
  •          Contest & Incentives – They reward members with contests and other incentives for participating on the sites
  •          Decent Word Counts – There is a 100 word minimum for Daily Two Cents & a 400 word minimum for Writedge
  •          Outside Links are allowed – You can link to your affiliate products and earn even more money
  •          Fun Tools – Both sites have tools such as a recipe module, review module, highlighted text boxes, video uploaders, and photo uploaders
  •          Video Tutorials – They want you to succeed on the site and they have videos to make sure you understand how everything works

Bottom Line

Writedge and Daily Two Cents are two pay-per-view sites that you should check out today. They can provide you with extra cash to spend on gas, vacations, or even holiday shopping.

What has been your experience with pay-per-view sites? Feel free to share in the comments section below.


New Online Survey Review Site

If you have been reading my blog since it started and have followed my online income career you know I have dabbled with surveys, affiliate marketing, and have always been a professional writer. Well, today I was thinking of doing some surveys as I had a little free time on my hands but was unsure which survey sites were legit since it has been a while since I have done any type of survey for income. It turns out that MySurvey is still ranking in at number one. If you remember some of my earliest income reports MySurvey was bringing me in some spending money on a regular basis at one point and I also cashed out my points for some great prizes. Anyways there seems to be some new ones on the market that are paying too according to Survey Spencer.

About Survey Spencer


Survey Spencer is one of the new online survey review sites. I ran across the site today and I must say I am amazed by what they are doing. So, far they have listed a handful of survey sites that are honest and pay. What I like about the reviews – the ones I checked out anyways – is the author of this site goes into detail about how they work, how they paid, and how their own personal experience went with the survey site. This is a huge plus for me. When I read a review I want evidence that the person has actually been on the site. I was able to verify this by reading the MySurvey review since I am also a member there I knew exactly what should have been mentioned in the review.

Overall, if you are trying to make some extra holiday cash and want to know which survey sites can be trusted I highly suggest checking out Survey Spencer. I imagine as time goes on they will be adding in more survey websites as they have tried them out.

Do you take surveys online for cash? What is your favorite site? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

Does Selling Products Online Really Make Money?

If you have been following my work at home journey from the beginning you know that I have tried a few different avenues when it comes to making money online. The thing that works the best for me is writing. However, there are numerous ways to make money online if writing is not for you. One of the easier ways to make money online is to sell products.

What Can I Sell?

When it comes to making money by selling products online the choices that you have are limitless. If you have unique and valuable information to share with the world you could sell e-books. E-books are very popular right now so if you have something that consumers want to read they will purchase it. Alternatively, if you are good at making things you could set up a website and sell your crafts. You would be surprised at the amount of people who like to buy unique items throughout the year. Additionally, you could always be a reseller. This means you would sell products for a company but not have to deal with the hassle of shipping and packing them yourself.

Why Is Selling Products Online a Beneficial Niche?

Research is showing that by 2016 175 million people will be shopping online. Obviously, everyone who shops online is not going to purchase your products but the odds of the people who will purchase your products are pretty good if you ask me. Think about, how many times do you personally shop online? I know I shop online every week. It allows me to get deals and it is very convenient for me since I have three kids. Check out this infographic below to see for yourself what the future of online shopping holds.