Bloggers Avoid Working with Day By Day Beauty

Day by Day Beauty

If you are a blogger that uses Tomoson, do not feel as though you are safe through that portal. Recently, I had the most horrible experience. I was shipped a product from Day by Day Beauty and in exchange they were supposed to pay $50 for the review. Well, let me tell you this did not happen at all.

I received their Vitamin C Serum in the mail and since they were paying a fee, I put them at the top of my list. I tested out their product, which is amazing by the way, and then posted the review.

The representative emailed stating that my price was too high for her. Keep in mind my Giveaway blog is a two-year-old blog and I have a decent social media following. My blog gets more than 100,000 visitors per month and I promote the posts on the main page of my blog for at least a week across social media channels. However, the price of $50 was too much when bloggers with similar stats charge much more than this.

The Ugly

This company led me on to believe that they were going to pay after I discussed how I had spent time expediting their review and I even left an Amazon review. I liked the product so this was not a problem at all. However, pro bono work is definitely not done on expedited measures. Long story short, after being asked to make amendments to the post, such as including two of their links linked to specific words she decided it is best to just remove the review and take it as a loss.

Even though I did like their product, I felt as though this company is very unprofessional and that will deter me from purchasing from them or recommending them to anyone. I will leave my Amazon review up but other than that, I cannot help them promote since they have a motive of manipulating bloggers.

I figured I would share this warning here so other bloggers can avoid being scammed by them and wasting their time. Bloggers work hard to upkeep their blogs and we spend a lot of time promoting and testing out various things so we can leave customers honest reviews. We may not depend on blogging as a full time job yet when someone swindles us, it takes its toll. We have invested time into something that would have been beneficial you know.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a company when blogging? If so, feel free to share in the comments section below to prevent other bloggers from experiencing the same thing.



Watch Out if You Hire Writers From Digital Point

If you are someone who hires writers from digital point watch out for Khawaja4000. You will see he/she currently has 1 i trader, which was left by me before I saw their true colors. I hired this writer to come and join my writing team for long work and the work was good I must say, only required minor editing. However, when it comes down to payment its a whole different story. Khawaja4000 aka quoted me a rate for the first set of work and said it would be $2.00 extra since I paid via Paypal. I agreed to this an the payment was made immediately after work was accepted, even though some portions had been copied and paste. We worked through that issue and I assigned him a different assignment. He quoted me a price and told me about the Paypal charge again, I agreed. However, when the work was completed and sent to me I asked for the Paypal address he wanted the money to be sent to. This time he informed me that the rate had went up and a $2.00 fee (Paypal) would be added again. To make a long story short I paid him his new price, even though it was not what we had discussed and told him his services would no longer be needed for the new work I had sent prior before knowing his prices would be shaky. After I cancel the assignment he tells me he is already started. I inform him that I canceled the order and I do not want it. He tries to say the price will go back to normal but being the type of person I am I do not have time to be playing games when it comes to money so I denied.


This is a lesson learned for me. I now know not to deal with writers on DP who have a 0 itrader. However, I remember at one point in time I had a 0 i trader so I was trying to give him/her the benefit of the doubt. Lucky for me I started off with small orders imagine if it would have been a big order and he upped on the price. Well this is a warning to alert other fellow business owners. You can either take heed or go experience it for yourself.

Scammer on Digital Point

Hey fellow writers I have run into another scammer. This time he came through digital point. I thought that he would be a good client to do work for because on his itrader he has positive feedback. However, I have done $50 worth of work for him, two weeks ago and he has not paid til this day. I have sent him about 6 emails and he always responds and says remain patient a lot of people are submitting articles so I havent got around to you yet. However, another fellow writer from DP messaged me this morning and said that they had been having problems out of him as well. They have been waiting on payment longer then me. So, now I will alert you guys. Dont get me wrong DP is a great site, I have obtained a lot of regulars from there but not I see I will have to be more cautious on this forum as well because the itrader does not mean someone is a scam.

This scammers DP id is: arsenalfanforlife

His email is:

If you run across this person stay far, far away!

CloudCrowd Update

As you may see when I first started writing I said good things about CloudCrowd however I just wanted to add and update about them. Yesterday I decided to do some work for them to make some fast money. My credibility score went up drastically. Then today I did their “Check a profile for completeness”. At first it said the items were approved then they changed it to rejected.In a few minutes I received an email saying my account was on probation and a few seconds later another email saying my account was suspended and I would not be paid for any of the work done.

I just wanted to update you guys of this because when I first started out I did not have this problem yet after what I have just experienced today I am not so sure that this is a good site to be using anymore. Also after checking on some discussion boards I have seen that some people have reported that this company has paid them and then stated they owe them money because they overpaid them. Not sure whats going on but just letting you know what I have experienced so you can be alert.

Leroy Flowers

I just want to alert you guys, if you come across a client that goes by the name Leroy Flowers he is a scam. I ran across him on his email is He has multiple posting up there right now such as academic article writer and writing assistant.

I was hired by Leroy on May 31st to be an hourly assistant at the rate of $3.00 hr. It was good in the beginning, I was writing about 300 words an hour which was fair. However, on June 4th, Leroy wanted me to write 1000 words for $3.00 hr . I informed him in advance, before it was time for me to work, that I would no longer be able to do this job because it was asking for too much work and research for a small portion of money.

When I started working Leroy informed me to invoice him on Sundays and I would be paid on Fridays. I agreed because when searching his email I saw he had posted on other sites and no one had reported him as being a scam. So on Sunday, I sent Leroy my invoice for the 13 hours that I worked, then on Monday he canceled the invoice.

I instant messaged him directly after this took place asking him whether or not I would be paid. I sent two messages with no response. So, I sent him a final message informing him that since he did not pay for the articles I would be using them elsewhere. Also, I informed him that if I found the articles online I would be reporting them as stolen to the owners. Good thing I never delete work from my computer until it is paid for right?

Well that message caught his eye I’m guessing. He responds to say that he is driving and will respond when he gets home. Yet he was able to cancel the invoice while driving so I’m sure he could have responded before then.

Luckily, I only did $39.00 worth of work, so it is not a big loss. I just wanted to warn others who may consider wasting their time doing business with this man.